Perfection in every volt

Elektromont Brno, akciová společnost

Elektromont Brno, akciová společnosti (= Plc) is one of the leading electrical installation businesses in the Czech Republic. A joint stock company, we offer comprehensive solutions to all parts of the electrical engineering sector, both in the heavy and weak current ranges, the installation of measurement and regulation systems, process automation and control. Elektromont offers its customers comprehensive services, starting from project design, detailed technical design until the implementation of the project and the corresponding servicing works.

One of our biggest assets is the vast experience our professional team has gathered in the course of completing a huge number of successful projects across the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

Company headquarters

Elektromont Brno, akciová společnost

Žarošická 4315/17, Židenice
628 00 Brno


+420 543 210 712